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Takahara Corporation

Through the maintenance of buildings and facilities, etc., our corporation accumulates rich experience in practices. Based on the experience, we dedicate ourselves to developing the original products for beautifying the environment. As for bBa sheet and sunlight photo-catalyst, etc., only through sticking, smearing and other simple actions, they can improve the beauty and durability of floors and walls, etc. considerably and effectively beautify the environment.

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Our Strengths

Multifunctional sheet and photo-catalyst are used to keep the environment more beautiful

As for high-performance transparent film, bBa sheet, its surface has a coating of high durability developed with our unique technology, so it can easily make a place clean and durability after it is pasted. Furthermore, through the ceaseless research on photo-catalyst, we have developed the product that could achieve the effects of antibacterial, deodorization, antifouling and environment purification, etc. as long as it is painted.

Stick-on high-performance transparent film, bBa sheet

If bBa sheet is applied, it can keep the floor clean and nice for a long time. Therefore, it cannot be merely helpful in cost and effect to improve the efficiency, but also easy to clean and very environment-friendly. So far, our bBa sheet has been applied extensively in large car factories, comprehensive hospitals, beauty salons, airports and station buildings, etc.

bBa sheet

The mirror film that gives full play to the functions of bBa sheet is launched

The mirror film combines the high-quality aluminum plating technology with bBa coating technology, so it can be pasted to any place to realize the mirror effect difficult to break. Moreover, it gets much attention as it is a new material that is difficult to break, convenient, not easy to scratch, and able to keep clean and nice for a long time.

Introduction to Products

Make use of photo-catalyst to beautify the environment and return the nature

Photo-catalyst will react once it is exposed to sunlight. Based on this feature of photo-catalyst, our corporation plans and develops a new technology, which is "sunlight photo-catalyst processing". It mainly contains titanium oxide and apatite that are used as food additives, safe and harmless. It can be coated on buildings and building materials like paint to make them clean and nice. Moreover, it has the functions of deodorization and antibacterial.

Sunlight photo-catalyst processing